When I owned 17 items of Clothing Total

I realized as we were packing up from Tilarón to go to Puerto Viejo for the second time, that I had whittled my wardrobe down over time and I now only owned 17 items of clothing (not including undergarments & swimwear). Despite this, there were about 4 pieces that I still almost never wore.

I also felt pretty content with the amount of clothes I had. Getting used to the lack of an entire closet that accumulates over years is eye-opening in that the clothes that remain get a lot of use and are very loved. I got more joy out of mending things and washing things by hand and caring to the actual fabrics. It also takes so much time out of deciding what to wear, and the outfits that remained for me were comfortable and I felt good in them.

So, here's all the clothes I owned at this time.

Shirts (5):

I did kind of feel like I needed more shirts, especially t-shirts. Also, only one of these was natural fiber. I don't own any of these now (a year later). Almost never wore the purple top during the whole time I had it.

Bottoms (7):

Of these, I still own the yellow shorts, the green skirt, and the jeans. I am ashamed to admit I left the dark green joggers in an airport bathroom in a fit of polyester rage. One pair of the black shorts disintegrated entirely. Ended up leaving the red leggings for Boris's daughter.

Other items (2):

Almost never wore the dress and ended up leaving that for Boris's daughter as well. The yellow scarf was an amazing piece and I wore it as jacket, a skirt, and a dress around the house. It could be worn like a robe and I also used it as a beach towel. I'm not sure why I got rid of it actually. See how my minimalist travel wardrobe changed a year later!