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Envision Festival, March 2019 - Uvita, Costa Rica

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Now, I know it's rather unfortunate because I have a lot of great photos in my other posts despite having lost the majority of my "best" photos in an incident. But, for our time at Envision, I really have no photos whatsoever. This might be because we didn't really bring our phones on site at all. You can find lots of pictures of Envision 2019 online, and I didn't want to steal anyone else's photos. Here is a flower from Puerto Viejo for the cover.

Envision is a multi-day festival that features yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, self-governance, music, art, and health. There are classes, workshops, talks, performances, and art is literally being made on site. There was a whole area of gallery that included works that were being made over the course of the festival. The energy was just indescribable. Here is a link to their video gallery, which is kind of a montage of random moments. It's seriously hard to accurately depict this event.

There were different levels of attendance where a normal ticket included a small camping area, or you could pay more to have a better tent, some even with A/C, and special shower privileges. We decided to stay at a hostel and take advantage of the shower. Our tent was also picked up from a department store in Mexico for about $20 and was barely big enough for the both us to fit in. We had the tent set up on site as our zone, but we walked, cabbed, or carpooled to the event most days. We did spend the night at least one time but went back to sleep in the day. Next time I would definitely invest in a nice tent and have everything you need to be comfortable in the hot, humid jungle.

We managed to avoid spending a lot on food as we brought a vegetable fermentation bucket, boiled eggs, raw zucchini, and homemade walnut butter most days. We spent out first couple days at the hostel preparing and meeting lots of other festival-goers from all over the world. Similar to Anarchapulco, it was a very electric environment where everyone had an awesome story to share and good vibes to radiate.

Like Anarchapulco there were multiple stages and events, talks and workshops going on at any one time. So, one really needs to either plan in advance what you want to see or randomly walk around and trust in the moment.

Every night at the festival culminated in everyone gathering at the beach side (the beach closed at night) for a giant dance and chant party before the music of the night began. Sometimes there was fire, and there were a lot of acrobats, poi artists, and fire artists with amazing skills. There were poet performances, indigenous people singing in endangered languages, families, and some of the oldest people I've ever met as well. The spirit of the festival is to Envision the best future possible for the whole world and come together in this energy to help facilitate and manifest it.

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