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Anarchapulco, February 2019 - Acapulco, Mexico

We took a daytime bus to Acapulco and checked in at our Airbnb, which was a very small room that we had no hope of teaching in. We were able to negotiate a bigger room the host happened to have available and we got to meet a really cool roommate who was a photographer for the event as well. Anarchapulco is a yearly anarchy convention that also focuses on wellness and cryptocurrency as emerging tenants in the process toward self-governance. The conference in 2019 was held at the Princess resort in Acapulco, which is designed to look like a Mayan temple. We could have stayed in a room at the princess for $200 a night, but we decided the $30 a night Airbnb and short collectivo rides were worth it.

The collectivo rides in Acapulco were even different from Puerto Escondido. They were more like "fit as many people as possible into this sedan" and we often sat four to a backseat with strangers. We decided to volunteer at the conference as well even though we already had tickets. This actually gave us a free voucher that we will most likely use for the 2021 conference.

The first night was an Immortal Technique show, which incidentally was the last artist we saw in Portland just weeks before heading out to Costa Rica. Volunteering had a lot of benefits. It helped us make some friends and get out of our shell, and we got to speak and hang out with some of the event organizers and speakers. We did miss out on the entire experience of getting immersed in every single talk and staying up late partying, but we had also made the decision to teach during this time, so we had to get up early anyway. The long days took a bit of a toll on me though. I was actually doing a 3 day fast during the transit from Puerto Escondido to Acapulco, and broke the fast impulsively with random rotisserie chicken. I ended up getting traveler's diarrhea and had to take a day off of volunteering to suffer it out in bed.

Some of the best talks I can remember were about self-hypnosis, seasteading as a way of life, heartgasms, the sovereign country of Liberland, given by the president of Liberland, and multi-hour long talks by David Icke and Ron Paul. There were representatives from a local sovereign group of indigenous Mexicans who had defended their sovereignty in very severe yet respectable ways.

We also got to spend some time at one of the organizers house which had a great view and an infinity pool.

Overall, we were overwhelmed with the amount of positive energy and kindness of new friends. A lot of the same speakers and friends also turned up at the Envision festival that we went to basically right after. Here are some examples of some of the beautiful art created by some of the conference-goers and speakers. Unfortunately, I do not know the names of the artists but I believe all the pieces sold at the event.

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